Sound Devices 688 mixer/recorder w/ SL-6 wireless receiver system           

Sound Devices 788t Digital Recorder (for secondary or backup recording)  

Sony PCM-D1 Digital Stereo Recorder (for ambient sound recording)         

Schoeps Super Cmit digital boom mic

Sennheiser mkh 60 microphone 

Sennheiser mkh 70 microphone               

Sennheiser MKH 418 MS Stereo Shotgun Microphone   

Schoeps cmc5-u body w/ mk 41 and mk 5 capsules                             

6 Lectrosonics SMQV Transmitters w/ Sanken, Tram and Countryman Lavalliers 

Lectrosonics SRc a1 2 channel receiver

Lectrosonics SRc b1 2 channel receiver 

Lectrosonics SRc c1 2 channel receiver  

Lectrosonics HMa plug on mic transmitter

2 Lectrosonics UCR 100 receivers for camera hops

4 Lecrosonics IFB R1a receivers and 4 Comtek receivers

Zaxcom RX 900 Digital Stereo Receiver                         

Zaxcom Digital Stereo Transmitter

Deneke Digital Slate and Betso and Tentacle Timecode boxes          

All necessary batteries, wind protection, cables, boom stands, headphones, phone connectors, memory cards and card readers etc.        


Additional equipment, when necessary, can easily be provided thru subrental.

My main 12 input 16 track mixer/recorder shoulder bag is set up for 6 wireless Lavs and multiple boom inputs.

I provide wireless or hardwire links for TC and audio for up to 3 cameras.

Comteks are always available. 

I also have several secondary recorders available for performance board feed or car rig etc. situations.

Various wireless hidden mics are always on hand for hard to cover verite situations.

For commercial studio shoots, all equipment is operated from a cart and the boom can be on a stand or with an operator.